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When you work hard, water is not enough...

Even the slightest dehydration has a negative impact on performance, health, and safety.
Make sure your employees are properly hydrated with HID-RATION™ .

hid-ration elektrolity minerały aminokwasy

Over 50% of workers report to work
mildly dehydrated

Even with mild, 1% dehydration, workers experience
decreased cognitive abilities and visual-motor skills

The human body is made up
of over 60% water

When thirst is stimulated,
we are already dehydrated by 2%

Over 80% of people do not drink enough
water during their shift

3% dehydration equals
performance drop of 50%

Hypotonic HID-RATION™

Hypotonic HID-RATION™ Advanced Hypotonic Drink is designed with demanding professionals in mind, to support their hydration during hard work and exercise in harsh conditions, replenishing lost electrolytes and vitamins, enabling them to perform at their best.
It contains 5 key Electrolytes, 5 key Group-B vitamins, Zinc, Vitamin C and Amino Acids. It does not contain sugar. As a hypotonic, HID-RATION™ helps hydrate the body faster and more effectively than water.

elektolity bez cukru hid-ration

Hydration Academy

HID-RATION™ is not just a product. We recognize that education and understanding the importance of correct practices is key to maintaining optimal hydration levels, keeping workers safe and productive throughout their working day.
In Our HID-RATION ACADEMY™ program we help our clients to educate their work force, raise their awareness and engage in safe practices within organization.
Please speak with our team to find out more.

HID-RATION™ technical support of
ANWIL Włocławek team.

We are pleased to announce that our hypotonic HID-Ration™ will support Anwil Włocławek players' hydration during Energa Basket Liga and ENBL games, and we join the group of sponsors of the team from Włocławek.  

HID-RATION™ supports
Dziki Warszawa.

So we are pleased to announce that we will be supporting their proper hydration in the 2021/2022 season. Wild Warsaw is one of the most ...

Hypotonic HID-RATION™ will take care of Michel Jung's hydration.

Michael Jung, an absolute professional, 3-time Olympic gold medallist, considered by many to be the rider of all time.

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