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HID-Ration™ Hypotonic has been developed in close collaboration with experts in clinical nutrition and human physiology, with professionals in many fields in mind. Its role is to support proper hydration during exertion and hard work and replenish lost electrolytes and vitamins, allowing you to function at the highest level.

Manual workers

Studies show that even slight dehydration (1-3%) has a negative impact on cognition and concentration. It can be hazardous to the health and safety of workers and significantly reduce their productivity. Workers in the workplace also experience significant electrolyte losses during long periods of physical exertion, especially in high temperatures.

Professional athletes

Hydration and electrolyte balance are particularly important for professional athletes. Taking in adequate amounts of fluids both before, during and after exercise, and replenishing lost electrolytes, is crucial for performance and recovery. In addition, drinks with electrolytes and amino acids have been scientifically proven to have up to 40% better retention, and hypotonic drinks rehydrate faster and more effectively than water alone.

Fire fighters

Firefighters are an occupational group particularly vulnerable to dehydration and its negative effects, as they can lose up to 1.25l of water with their sweat in 30 minutes when working in the heat of a firefighting operation. Proper hydration and electrolyte management play a vital role for their safety and even their lives.

Medical personnel

Medical personnel, due to long working hours in full PPE, especially during the COV-19 pandemic are at very high risk of dehydration. It is difficult to remember and replenish fluids regularly while maintaining a full sanitary regime. Reduced concentration or reaction times of medical staff can also be a major threat to the life and health of patients. Therefore, it is important, when taking fluids, to drink beverages that, like hypotonic drinks, provide quick and effective hydration while replenishing essential electrolytes and vitamins.

Preventive care

In everyday life, taking in sufficient fluids and proper electrolyte management also have a significant impact on our health, but also on our general well-being or concentration. Hot weather, diarrhoea, dehydration, fever and vomiting are just some of the situations when it is worth reaching for electrolyte drinks. An electrolyte hypotonic drink such as HID-RATION is a great choice to ensure the body is quickly rehydrated and provided with essential electrolytes and vitamins.