HID-RATION™ among the sponsors ANWIL Włocławek.

We are pleased to announce that our hypotonic HID-Ration™ will support Anwil Włocławek players' hydration during Energa Basket League and ENBL games, and we join the group of sponsors of the team from Włocławek.

HID-RATION™ supports Dziki Warszawa

You can never have too much good news. Especially if it is the announcement of a unique collaboration!

We are pleased to announce that the HID-RATION™ hypotonic will support proper hydration and replenish electrolytes and vitamins for the Wild Warsaw players!

HID-RATION™ will take care of Michel Jung's hydration.

Michael Jung, an absolute professional, 3-time Olympic gold medallist, considered by many to be the rider of all time.

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